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We moved into our house in Stroud on Valentines Day, 2003, and at the time the attic only one window, overlooking neighboring houses and pointing North. In the October of 2003 a new roof had to be fitted so we took the opportunity to place another window in, but this time facing south, out over Stroud Valley and over to Rodborough Common.

As you’ll see from the view, from that day forward I’ve spent a lot of time gazing (and photographing) out of the window and I have to say, to this day I still find the view quite mesmerizing.

After taking in the view, how about taking a trip into another world through a metal tube (a.k.a a telescope) by gazing into the night sky [and the daytime sky too] in the heavens and then, if you’ve got a spare few minutes be sure to have a look to see what the weather is currently doing in the weather.

Setting Sun
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